With contracts, tender documents, and service level agreements varying from one or two pages, through to hundreds of pages, and then including additional annexes and supporting documents, the writing of one of these documents can be a lengthy and difficult process to complete.
Empire World Express has a wide range of experience in contract, tender and service level agreement writing, development, and implementation. Empire World Express’s consultants are able to offer the following services, to businesses and individuals below.
  • Contract writing
  • Implementation and Negotiation
  • KPI and Service Level insertions
  • Interpretation of conditions
  • Summarisation
  • Contract version tracking, and updating
  • Time phased implementation planning
  • Standard document templates
  • Customisation
  • End to end project management

Empire World Express is able to support businesses through the generation, and receipt of tenders and contracts, in addition to receipt and handling for individuals. By utilising templates and standard formats it is possible to offer a solution to suit any size of budget.

Empire World Express can support businesses and individuals in a wide range of these and similar services, to discuss your requirements in more detail, or to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants please contact us using the following information.